July 22 | light!, magazine about laser applications in automotive industry

Science fiction has shaped our imagination about the automotive industry. The real revolution of the automotive industry seems to be represented by flying vehicles travelling over the sky of our cities. Even though the necessary technology already exists, regulation is the biggest obstacle for this innovation to be implemented; therefore the near future of this industry is aimed at providing efficient electric cars, autonomous and permanently connected.

Park or land, the vehicle of the future is intrinsically linked to photonics, also with laser technologies, so the development strategies of automotive companies go through the incorporation of increasingly advanced sensors that help in autonomous driving, sophisticated laser systems and vision cameras that improve production, evolved communication systems that constantly connect traffic and infrastructure, among other innovative light technologies.

This new issue of light! drives you to the leading experts in Spain in photonics and laser technology applied to the automotive industry as New Infreared Technologies, Aimen Technological Center or Coherent Rofin. Let them guide and inspire you.

You can check-out the Light! 004 here.