Installation of MPLC in PBF-LB/M technology at AIDIMME

Our project partners from AIDIMME and Cailabs carried out the installation of the MPLC in the Powder Bed Fusion with a Laser Beam on Metal (PBF-LB/M) technology at AIDIMME’s facilities in Spain last week. This is the third prototype designed and manufactured by Cailabs, which is compatible with AIDIMME’s PBF-LB/M processing head. The machine has […]

Precitec performed first laser cutting process tests with MPLC beam shaper

During the summer, Precitec performed the first laser cutting process tests with the MPLC beam shaper in combination with a Precitec cutting head, see picture below. The beam-shaping module was designed and manufactured by Cailabs and is aimed to increase quality and productivity in Laser Cutting of stainless steels. The cutting head was tested at […]

Meet our Partners behind the scenes: TU Wien

During this summer, our partners from Technische Universität Wien have recorded their team at the facilities of their Research Unit of Photonic Technologies to continue with our Custodian partners behind the scenes campaign. Check out the video and get to know the Experts from the Simulation Department: Constantin Zenz, Michele Buttazzoni, Katherine Crespo Armijos and Prof. Andreas Otto. […]

Beam-shaping module for laser cutting head

In parallel to the current developments for Laser Beam Welding and Additive Manufacturing, Cailabs has designed and manufactured a beam-shaping module compatible with a Precitec laser cutting head. It is aimed to improve the laser cutting process for the Custodian project. The cutting head has been tested at the Insitut Maupertuis in Rennes (France) as […]

6th plenary consortium meeting

Beginning of July 2021, the Custodian Laser partners have met for the 6th remote plenary meeting to discuss the project progress & present the work done so far to our External Expert Advisory Board (EEAB), represented by Vojislav Petrovic-Filipovic from Joanneum Reaearch Forschungsgesellschaft, Jesús Jiménez Palacios from Valeo, and Paolo Calefati from Prima Industrie S.p.A.   It was […]

Meet our Partners behind the scenes: Cailabs

Meet the team of Cailabs behind the scenes. Check out the video and get to know get to know Gwenn Pallier, Project and Product Manager and Pierre Vernaz-Gris, Technical Project Leader. As a company, the role of Cailabs within the Custodian project is to design and manufacture the laser beam shaping modules providing the optimal […]

Internal online exploitation workshop

In June 2021, Cailabs has organized an online workshop to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) for each exploitable result. A pre-workshop survey with the consortium partners confirmed the 7 identified exploitable results. The workshop was based on the manual thinking methodology, with the aim of making people from different backgrounds (academic, RTOs, manufacturers […]

Installation and first tests of LBW processing head

The first prototype of an MPLC-based LBW processing head has been installed and is currently being tested by Susana Prieto and Rosa Mª Arias at AIMEN facilities. This brand-new LBW head, based on CAILABS’ MPLC beam shaping technology and industry proven PRECITEC optics, can tailor the power distribution of an 8kW laser to obtain the […]

Meet our Partners behind the scenes: AIDIMME

Meet the team of AIDIMME behind the scenes. Check out the video and get to know  Julia Ureña Alcázar and Mario Martínez Ceniceros, Research & Development Engineers at the Advanced Manufacturing Processes Unit. Julia and Mario tell us about the main objectives and challenges that they are facing in the Custodian project. You will see the AIDIMME facilities of a modified LPBF […]

Open access paper on «Numerical Investigation of Laser Beam Welding of Stainless Steel Sheets with a Gap»

Have a look at the latest open access paper by TU WIEN and AIMEN, recently published in the special Issue «Modelling of Laser Welding« of the Applied Sciences Journal by MDPI. Our CUSTODIAN Partners published their research results on: «A Numerical Investigation of Laser Beam Welding of Stainless Steel Sheets with a Gap». See the open […]

Meet our Partners behind the scenes: Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI)

Meet the team of Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) behind the scenes. Check out the video and get to know Maurizio Vedani, Head of Materials Research Group at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of PoliMi, as well as Marawan Abdelwahed, PhD candidate at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of PoliMi. Marawan and Maurizio will take us […]

Meet our Partners behind the scenes: AIMEN

Over the upcoming month, we are happy to present our Custodian partners behind the scenes. Today we will start with AIMEN. Check out the video and get to know Jorge Luis Arias Otero, senior researcher and director of the Custodian project and Roberto Fernández Molanes, senior researcher at AIMEN. They explain to us what their […]

5th plenary consortium meeting

We have kicked off 2021 with our 5th plenary consortium meeting for Custodian, taking place remotely via Microsoft Teams. Our project partners have met to go through the current stages of development of our new and disruptive methodology in the laser-based manufacturing applications for sectors like automotive, energy and aerospace. Moreover it was an important […]

Summary of CUSTODIAN Webinar on Industrial laser solutions for better efficiency and lower costs

In June 2020, secpho organized a CUSTODIAN Webinar together with all Project Partners presenting their roles and contributions to the project. As the project CUSTODIAN promotes the collaboration between different European partners such as RTOs, companies or clusters experts in laser research and complementary fields like: laser-based manufacturing know-how, solutions in Laser Beam Welding (LBW), Laser Powder Bed […]

MWIR camera installation in LPBF technology for melt pool monitoring and closed loop control

At the end of Feburary the CUSTODIAN partners got a step closer to their aim of creating a methodology of application-driven laser beam, by tailoring the material microstructure and deploying this beam to solve hot-cracking in LBW (Laser Beam welding) and LPBF (Laser Powder Bed Fusion): The MWIR camera has been installed in the LPBF […]

Third consortium meeting in Vienna after first project year

Last week, on 11 and 12 December 2019 CUSTODIAN organised the third consortium project meeting in Vienna, Austria.  This third meeting was hosted by our project partner TuWien. During the third face-to-face partners’ meeting, we briefly presented our progress on the project, reviewed and analyzed the next steps to be followed during CUSTODIAN and the […]

AIMEN and NIT visit AIDIMME’s facilities for laser tests and characterizations

Our CUSTODIAN partners David Diego from AIMEN and Germán Vergara from NIT (New Infrared Technologies) have visited the AIDIMME facilities and met Mario Martínez Ceniceros in November 2019. They have been working on different laser tests and characterizations carried out over the customized 4kW Concept Laser SLM available in AIDIMME. These measurements will be a key factor […]

TU Wien and Think Solidification sign an agreement for cooperation in the framework of CUSTODIAN© project

The goal of the cooperation is to enhance the capabilities of TU Wien’s simulation model for laser processing by incorporating solidification grain structure physics from Think Solidification’s SPrime software. TU Wien has been has been pushing further the state of the art of fluid dynamics simulation of laser processes over the last years. Currently they […]

Conference about «modelling and simulation of laser material processes» by Prof. Andreas Otto in Laser World of Photonics

On Monday 24th our partner of the University of Vienna (Tu Wien), Prof. Andreas Otto offered a talk at Laser World of Photonics, international trade fair and reference of the laser sector worldwide. The conference, which took place early in the morning at the recent trade fair, was entitled «Modelling and Simulation of Laser Material […]

We participated in ADDIT3D, international fair about Additive Manufacturing

In June, part of the consortium attended the ADDIT3D fair, one of the leading additive manufacturing events in Spain. Aidimme, as partner in the project, participated and presented all their new products. Taking advantage of the growing interest of visitors in additive manufacturing, the objectives of the CUSTODIAN project, as well as the partners involved […]

Successful second consortium meeting in Milano

Last week, on 28th of May, 2019 CUSTODIAN organised the second consortium project meeting in Milano, Italy.  This new meeting was coordinated by Politecnico di Milano ( polimi) as host with the collaboration of GFM. This second time we met with the aim of sharing the progress of the first six months of the project. […]

NIT visits AIDIMME installations to define the integration of the MWIR system in the Selective Laser Melting machine

Last January 15th, the Spanish company NIT ( New Infrared Technologies), that develops uncooled infrared image detectors and sensors for the MWIR band, visited AIDIMME‘s installations. This meeting was related to the integration of the MWIR system in the Selective Laser Melting machine. During the meeting, the next steps, to define the integration well, were […]

Revolutionizing the laser – CUSTODIAN project begins

CUSTODIAN is the first project aimed at valuing the unique ability of the laser to make a personalized energy contribution to the needs of material, a task that, at present, is not possible with other technology. The project will make it possible for any laser process to be designed exactly according to the thermal transformation […]