Conference about «modelling and simulation of laser material processes» by Prof. Andreas Otto in Laser World of Photonics

On Monday 24th our partner of the University of Vienna ( Tu Wien) , Prof. Andreas Otto offered a talk at Laser World of Photonics, international trade fair and reference of the laser sector worldwide. The conference, which took place early in the morning at the recent trade fair, was entitled «Modelling and Simulation of […]

Successful second consortium meeting in Milano

Last week, on 28th of May, 2019 CUSTODIAN organised the second consortium project meeting in Milano, Italy.  This new meeting was coordinated by Politecnico di Milano ( polimi) as host with the collaboration of GFM. This second time we met with the aim of sharing the progress of the first six months of the project. […]

CUSTODIAN project begins

Revolutionizing the industry with a customized photonics devices for defectless laser-based manufacturing. We would like to announce the beginning of a disruptive and challenging project which began in December 2018. The Customized photonics devices for defectless laser-based manufacturing, hereafter called CUSTODIAN, is the first project aimed at valuing the unique ability of the laser to […]

NIT visits AIDIMME installations to define the integration of the MWIR system in the Selective Laser Melting machine

Last January 15th, the Spanish company NIT ( New Infrared Technologies), that develops uncooled infrared image detectors and sensors for the MWIR band, visited AIDIMME‘s installations. This meeting was related to the integration of the MWIR system in the Selective Laser Melting machine. During the meeting, the next steps, to define the integration well, were […]