Laser for aerospace applications

The growth of the aeronautical industry has been fundamentally driven by the progressive increase registered in the production cadences of the different companies in the market.

Reduction time and cost

The importance of photonics

The current trend towards product customization, the need to reduce time to market and the necessary cost reduction (material savings, reduction of tools, etc.) in the current competitive environment require the use of flexible tools and techniques. If there is one tool that, in recent years, has meant a disruptive change, is the laser, therefore, we can say that laser technology as a driver of innovation in Industry 4.0.

Photonics provides both instrumentation and new techniques in the treatment of materials and in manufacturing for major projects in the aviation industry and in complex environments in space.

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Reduction of time and cost in 25%

Avoid metallurgy full of cracks

The aeronautics industry has different challenges that must be solved like provide Manufacture blisks in nickel superalloys. The industry wants to avoid metallurgy full of cracks caused by abrupt cooling of molten material in PBF-LB/M. If the industry could get this objective would be a big benefit, one of them will be the reduction of lead time and cost in 25%.