The Metal-processing, Furniture, Wood and Packaging Technology Institute, AIDIMME, is a nationally based, private non-profit making association whose aim is to foster improvement in the competitiveness of companies in their sectors through R & D both in their processes and their products.

AIDIMME has participated in 25 EU projects in different areas like manufacturing process, environmental correction and ALM applications.

AIDIMME is very active on research about different fields around ALM such as technology development, metallic materials development and characterization, design for manufacturing and KBE tools, supply-chain specification, material/process qualification and part certification and standardization.

Meet the team from AIDIMME behind the scenes:

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Location: Valencia, Spain
Phone: +34961 318 559


Technical/Scientific matters

David Cuesta

Technical/Scientific matters

Mario Martínez

Technical/Scientific matters

Luis Marín

Technical/Scientific matters

José Ramón Blasco

Technical/Scientific matters

Miguel Colina

Administrative matters

Amparo Roca

Technical/Scientific and Administrative matters

Luis Portolés