secpho is committed to fostering cooperation for innovation, involving Spanish Optics and Photonics sector. secpho represents a broad range of companies, research institutions, technology transfer centres and other organizations that cover the whole spectrum of photonics applications.

The Cluster’s product portfolio includes: optical systems used in photographic and video cameras, optical instrumentation (for example microscopes, telescopes, metrology instrumentation and ophthalmic optics) and the latest sensors based on optoelectronics devices, new light sources (LEDs, OLEDs, etc), lasers, optical fibres and photonics’ new applications, linked to quantum light aspects.

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Location: Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34 937 833 664

secpho Team

Communication and exploitation manager

Gawel Walczak

Communication and exploitation manager

Sergio Sáez

Communication and exploitation manager

Sabine Runge