5th plenary consortium meeting

We have kicked off 2021 with our 5th plenary consortium meeting for Custodian, taking place remotely via Microsoft Teams. Our project partners have met to go through the current stages of development of our new and disruptive methodology in the laser-based manufacturing applications for sectors like automotive, energy and aerospace. Moreover it was an important meeting to plan in detail how to proceed within the next project steps.

A specific focus was set on work package 3 led by Cailabs dealing with the beam tailoring and lab testing, as they developed a radically new approach to reduce drastically the power density within the scanner while tailoring a large beam in the processing plane. Air-cooled scanner mirrors are limited in power density and this new key enabling MPLC design feature might help to bring versatile shaping for scanner-based processes. The proof-of-concept results are expected by the end of this week.

Stay tuned to follow our research milestones and to have a look behind the scenes of our project and partners’ activities!