Conference about «modelling and simulation of laser material processes» by Prof. Andreas Otto in Laser World of Photonics

On Monday 24th our partner of the University of Vienna (Tu Wien), Prof. Andreas Otto offered a talk at Laser World of Photonics, international trade fair and reference of the laser sector worldwide.

The conference, which took place early in the morning at the recent trade fair, was entitled «Modelling and Simulation of Laser Material Processes – Potentials of Numerical Simulations for Understanding, Planning and Optimizing Laser Welding Processes» and was chaired by Dr. Jens Schüttler (Coherent | ROFIN), also by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulz (Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT).

As a result of the conference, the audience in the room, was able to understand the main objective of the project, which is to develop a new and disruptive methodology in the laser-based manufacturing applications for sectors like automotive, energy and aerospace sector.

During the meeting, Prof. Otto presented the project to the entire scientific community of the sector, which was very well received. In conclusion, the conference was a great oportunity to present for the first time CUSTODIAN.