Event | Advanced Factories Expo & Congress

The Industry 4.0 Congress will be celebrated on 9-11 April in Barcelona and is the largest European Congress on advanced and digital industry. Is a space where you can discover the latest emerging technologies and the most innovative automation and manufacturing systems, an unmissable event for the professional who wants to boost his factory to the highest level of competitiveness and innovation.

How to design Digital Factories, from additive manufacturing or IoT in industry and industrial data analytics to applications, digital platforms and virtual and augmented reality. It also includes advanced human-machine interfaces, high-performance computing and simulation, robotization, energy efficiency and renewable energy in production, as well as zero-defect manufacturing, next-generation production technologies, collaborative manufacturing or networked factories…

The Industry 4.0 Congress aims to deepen the Industry 4.0 through different sessions that are extended during the days of the Fair.