CUSTODIAN project begins

Revolutionizing the industry with a customized photonics devices for defectless laser-based manufacturing.

We would like to announce the beginning of a disruptive and challenging project which began in December 2018. The Customized photonics devices for defectless laser-based manufacturing, hereafter called CUSTODIAN, is the first project aimed at valuing the unique ability of the laser to make a personalized energy contribution to the needs of material, a task that, at present, is not possible with other technology.

We are trying to develop a new methodology to customize the laser to adapt it to the ideal thermal cycle depending on the application to be executed, using simulation and microstructural analysis to achieve defect-free processing of the material by maintaining its initial properties. The project will make it possible for any laser process to be designed exactly according to the thermal transformation required by the material, which will mean a significant benefit in terms of productivity, quality and cost reduction.

It contemplates real applications for laser welding in the automotive sector and additive manufacturing for the aeronautical industry. In this case, we will be laser welding for the automotive company Magneti Marelli, and additive laser manufacturing for GFM, a firm in the aeronautical sector. However, the methodology will be extrapolable to any application or sector that uses laser technology for processing all types of mechanical material.

With a budget of 4.8 million euros, the project is part of the Horizon 2020 programme and the consortium that develops it is made up of ten partners from Spain, Italy, France, Austria and Germany. The entities involves in the consortium and will make this project possible are the following: Aimen, who will officially coordinate, AIDIMME (Spain), NIT (Spain), secpho ( Spain), Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Magneti Marelli (Italy), GFM (Italy), CAILabs (France), TU Wien – Technical University of Vienna (Austria), Precitec (Germany).