MWIR camera installation in LPBF technology for melt pool monitoring and closed loop control

At the end of Feburary the CUSTODIAN partners got a step closer to their aim of creating a methodology of application-driven laser beam, by tailoring the material microstructure and deploying this beam to solve hot-cracking in LBW (Laser Beam welding) and LPBF (Laser Powder Bed Fusion):

The MWIR camera has been installed in the LPBF technology for melt pool monitoring and closed loop control.

To make progress after their last meeting in November 2019, Germán Vergara from NIT (New Infrared Technologies) has visited the AIDIMME facilities to continue the collaboration with Mario Martínez Ceniceros. NIT and AIDIMME have been working together in the installation of the tailored MWIR camera provided by NIT. The device was  fitted in an on-axis position along the optical path of the scanning head so that melt pool acquisitions can be gathered. The first captures taken by the NIT device gave us detailed feedback of what is happening in the meltpool and surroundings and it will definitely be highly valuable for the simulation model which must replicate the LPBF process.

Henceforth tests will be also captured by this device that will support us in the current stage of the CUSTODIAN project.