NIT visits AIDIMME installations to define the integration of the MWIR system in the Selective Laser Melting machine

Last January 15th, the Spanish company NIT ( New Infrared Technologies), that develops uncooled infrared image detectors and sensors for the MWIR band, visited AIDIMME‘s installations. This meeting was related to the integration of the MWIR system in the Selective Laser Melting machine.

During the meeting, the next steps, to define the integration well, were agreed. In addition, they have already started to make some tests with the camera in off axis position. Scans were made at different speeds on the SLM machine in order to determine the limits of both, the machine and the NIT capture device. The NIT capture system will allow to obtain feedback from the process that will serve as input to adjust the simulation of the SLM process. On the other hand, it will be a part of the closed loop control system that will be developed in CUSTODIAN.

Partners also discussed, at technical level, refractive indexes of the scanning lenses in the working range of the MWIR camera and other relevant information for the purchase of new laser equipment to be implemented in the SLM system, as  factors that will have impact on the integration process. Besides, a first off-axis assembly of the NIT MWIR device was installed on the machine in order to carry out the first capture tests. Scanning vectors were made at different speeds to determine both, the limit parameters of the machine, and the limitations of the infrared detection device.

Therefore, the first impressions are good and have given us clues to continue working on it.