Summary of CUSTODIAN Webinar on Industrial laser solutions for better efficiency and lower costs

In June 2020, secpho organized a CUSTODIAN Webinar together with all Project Partners presenting their roles and contributions to the project.

As the project CUSTODIAN promotes the collaboration between different European partners such as RTOs, companies or clusters experts in laser research and complementary fields like: laser-based manufacturing know-how, solutions in Laser Beam Welding (LBW), Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) and Laser Cutting (LC), monitoring and control, that webinar was a great opportunity to gather virtually and to provide insights about industrial laser solutions for better efficiency and lower costs.

Laser systems in manufacturing enable increased precision at faster production rates through more efficient processes while using less materials and resources. Developing more efficient and environmentally friendly production processes is one of the great challenges of our time and laser-based production processes as the most advanced method available play a major role in such developments.


If you missed the webinar, you can watch the partners’ presentations published below or in the following youtube playlist published by secpho.


General purpose and objectives of CUSTODIAN

Jorge Arias | AIMEN


Genesis of defects and tailored in-line thermal treatments

Maurizio Vedani | POLIMI


Simulation based optimization of tailored beams for laser material processing

Rodrigo Gómez Vázquez | TU Wien


Beam Shaping with MPLC technology to improve process yield and quality

Gwenn Pallier | Cailabs


Online quality control systems for laser processes based on image processing obtained by IR sensor

Roberto Fernández | AIMEN + Dr. Germán Vergara & Rodrigo Linares | NIT


Laser Beam Welding application for the automotive exhaust system

Mauro Brignone | Marelli


Process of Laser Powder Bed Fusion in the aeronautical sector

Mario Martínez Ceniceros | AIDIMME


Application of Ni-based Low Weldability alloys for PowerGen and Aeronautical Sector

Francesco Stortiero | GFM


Process of Laser Cutting

Markus Kogel Hollacher | PRECITEC