TU Wien and Think Solidification sign an agreement for cooperation in the framework of CUSTODIAN© project

The goal of the cooperation is to enhance the capabilities of TU Wien’s simulation model for laser processing by incorporating solidification grain structure physics from Think Solidification’s SPrime software.

TU Wien has been has been pushing further the state of the art of fluid dynamics simulation of laser processes over the last years. Currently they have a powerful broad scope model that has been successfully applied for the study of manykind of processes covering from the ultra-short pulse laser ablation in the microscale up to more conventional macroscale applications such as keyhole laser welding (and even beyond that!).

Think Solidification’s SPrime® software is a unique simulation grain structure library that can be applied for the prediction of metallic alloys solidification grain structure fabric from few micrometers to meter scale.

Thanks to a shared open-source simulation environment (OpenFOAM®) a “relatively” easy coupling of both numerical tools has been possible. Preliminary prototype results have already shown a promising potential from these combined technologies and invite to expect an outstanding quality from the theoretical process studies to be done within CUSTODIAN© project!