Installation of MPLC in PBF-LB/M technology at AIDIMME

Our project partners from AIDIMME and Cailabs carried out the installation of the MPLC in the Powder Bed Fusion with a Laser Beam on Metal (PBF-LB/M) technology at AIDIMME’s facilities in Spain last week. This is the third prototype designed and manufactured by Cailabs, which is compatible with AIDIMME’s PBF-LB/M processing head. The machine has been completely adapted to assemble and fine tune the beam shaping modules.

During their visit and staff training in Spain, Cailabs put a strong effort in the beam alignment which has been one of the biggest challenges of this successful installation. The beam spot can now be tailored up to 6 different configurations delivering a maximum power of 4kW into the powder bed. Based on the simulations performed by TU WIEN these beam shapes are aimed to tackle the cracking phenomenon which takes place in the processing of non weldable nickel alloys.

In the next weeks, AIDIMME will focus their efforts on finding the optimal conditions where these materials can be processed. Stay tuned!