Meet our Partners behind the scenes: TU Wien

During this summer, our partners from Technische Universität Wien have recorded their team at the facilities of their Research Unit of Photonic Technologies to continue with our Custodian partners behind the scenes campaign.

Check out the video and get to know the Experts from the Simulation Department: Constantin Zenz, Michele Buttazzoni, Katherine Crespo Armijos and Prof. Andreas Otto.

TU Wien’s role in the Custodian project is to develop the simulation models for Laser Beam Welding and Powder Bed Fusion with a Laser Beam on Metal. Their objective is to generate optimal beam shapes to fit the thermal history required for optimal microstructural evolution. Thanks to numerical simulations, the TU Wien team calculated the right spatial energy profile in order to produce the optimal beam shape implemented by our partners from Cailabs.

Based on that, Cailabs is able to design and manufacture the laser beam shaping modules, aiming to increase quality and productivity in Laser Beam Welding and Laser Cutting of stainless steels and to solve hot cracking issues in Selective Laser Melting of nickel-based superalloys. These beam shapers are currently in a high-power test phase, with the aim to determine the influence of dimensional parameters of the beam shape on the processes. Those modules have been delivered to our partners at AIMENAIDIMME and Precitec for first applied process tests.